Car Maintenance Tips 2017

Currently car washing services and car care are mushrooming in Indonesia. This certainly makes the car owners more lazy to do his own car maintenance. Moreover, the price offered by the service providers concerned is very varied and competitive. When in fact if they want to do the treatment itself, they can clean it part by part of the car with more thorough and cleaner. Even not only that, by cleaning it yourself can see more closely about every detail of the car. Here we will provide some tips related to how to care for the right car:

1. Washing regularly

Car washing is one of the easiest and most frequent ways of car maintenance. It aims to clean the dirt on the outside or body parts of this car itself. you simply use a wash cloth and also a dryer and clean water. Do not forget to add the car shampoo in clean water used for dirt easy to clean.Car Maintenance Tips

2. Maintain Cleanliness of Machine Room

For the next car maintenance tips is to maintain the cleanliness of the engine room. the purpose of doing this is to maintain cleanliness also allows the car owner to take a closer look and also see directly the condition of the components contained in the engine room. it can also be used as a way to detect early defects. Ensure that no parts are removed while cleaning it to avoid malfunctions on each component of the machine. Also read: toyota fortuner 2018

3. Perform maintenance on the Car Seat

Car maintenance tips next is car care maintenance. Whether it’s leather, fabric, or made of synthetic materials all require care. We recommend that the maintenance of the seat done when the car seat in a dirty state. This is because not all materials can come in contact with chemicals too often. To clean it use a dry cloth, interior cleaner and vacum cleaner. also visit: Toyota Fortuner TRD Review

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