Honda Civic 2017 Type LX Ready to Launch With Various Advantages

As a new breakthrough in 2017, Honda re-launched its newest product to fill the competition in Indonesia by launching the latest sports car that is Honda Civic 2017 type LX. The new champion of world-class city car challenger although it will be launched next year but already exhibited at geneva Motor show so that from the prototype given this car has a super sporty aura but also provide an increasingly macho design. Not only in terms of design but also the features used also use the best components from Honda to all its loyal customers.

Exterior Design

Viewed from the exterior design, Honda civic 2017 LX type gives a very vicious outer appearance. With a cool and sporty look given the aggressive concept wrapped with “Diablo” or demon king with a red style combined with the latest wings scratches that look similar to the horns of the devil. Not only that, the wheel section mounted 10 bars that serve as an ornament so in creasingly give the impression of sport and ferocious. Civic type LX car issued by Honda in 2017 is also equipped with various features in the interior that will further support the comfort and safety when used of course still with the best civic lx 2017


All the exotic and exotic beauty and exterior design provided by Honda Civic 2017 LX type is also increasingly supported with engine components used. all the components provided are made special made in accordance with its function in the racing circuit so that increasingly add cool this car. The latest Honda Civic car is equipped with engine type VTEC TURBO 2L capacity equipped with turbocharger. Not only that, combined with the latest direct injection technology makes this car capable of providing great power up to 280 hours of power that makes it into the category of supercar with torque up to 400 Nm. To further spoil each user, this car is also given the wheel drive system is much better than other cars. Honda Civic type LX car that will be launched in 2017 also provides 8 speed transmission with double clutch so it can go at a very high speed. Also read: honda civic black edition


Honda Civic 2017 type LX is indeed new on display at Geneva car show with various exterior and interior advantages provided. For the price issue is not yet known exactly the price given but it can be estimated that this car will be priced at around $18,000-$19,000 for the Usa market, we wait for next year. Thus the information we can provide may be useful for you.

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