Modify suzuki ignis

The Makassar Automotive Exhibition (POMA) 2017 was lively. In addition to offering car brands and various modern types, POMA 2017 can also be your visit if you want to buy a car to education.

One of them by looking at the latest car from Suzuki Ignis type SUV at the Automotive Exhibition (POMA) 2017 at Celebes Convention Center (CCC) Metro Street Tanjung Bunga.

Suzuki Ignis latest car has been modified to look different. Modify the look of colors, shapes, up to the tires and rims, making this car more handsome and sporty than the previous ignis

Manager Mega Putra Suzuki Car, Ricky Wijaya said Suzuki Ignis has been modified before. For the modification itself is done in Bandung with a price range of $ 5,000. Find the best Toyota Fortuner ARB

“For people who want to like this should order first,” he said.

He added Suzuki Ignis is deliberately modified to attract the attention of the public, with a different look than the car in general.

“The appearance is different, certainly people interested, plus the shape, color and tires have been modified,” he concluded.   visit:

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