Ponytail: Something You Need to Try on Your Shoulder Length Hair

There is something quite exceptional about the trends of hairstyles for shoulder length hair 2018. This may sound to be too ordinary for you but it is also true. As quoted in https://us.damaraji.com/ Ponytail will become a trend again in the year of 2018. Of course, this hairstyle is not only applicable to use on long hair but can also be cute to use on medium length hair, just like the one we are going to talk about further in this post.

In relation to the new hair trend, the real question which answer should be known is about whether or not there are some changes applied to ponytail hairstyle so that it will look different from the old ponytail. The answer is as a matter of fact, yes, there are some changes known to be more suitable and trendy next year. In order to know about those new changes, here is brief information about the types of ponytail that is more suitable to try on next year.

High Ponytail
The trendiest choice of ponytail hairstyles for shoulder length hair 2018 is called as the high ponytail, which is also used quite a lot in runway fashion show in this fall season. Besides the fact that this hairstyle is a 2018 trend, it is truthfully also the one that is very suitable to wear during hot weather. The hair that is tied highly makes it easier for you to feel the air so you can deal with the hot temperature better. In other words, this is a hairstyle you can also wear during summer season if you want to.

Messy Ponytail
The next trending medium length ponytail you should also give a try is messy ponytail. This is a perfect choice for various occasions, especially the casual one. Other than that, you can also make this ponytail style as an option when you want to look sexier in a certain appearance, such as when you are about to meet someone very special.

Medium Length Ponytail with braid
The last but not least choice of popular ponytail hairstyle you should choose in 2018 is the one that is featured with braid in one or two sides. The braids are not that hard to create and these are perfect in adding a different look on the ponytail styling. This example of hairstyles for shoulder length hair 2018 can even be made with messy touches if you want to.