Coastal Home Design

Have you ever know about the coastal home design. The coastal is always related to the beach, water, sea, sand and the sea life. The coastal home design is used the sea life colors. The coastal home design is one of the favorite home designs. Especially for the interior home design. Below are some examples of coastal home design in interior.

living room coastal home design

The picture above is a living room coastal home design. Overall, it is use the blue and white color. As we are all know that the blue color is the sea color. The use of the blue is always combined with the white color that makes the blue cannot dominate the theme. The coastal home design also shows by the shape of the light. The lamp is shaped liked a coral and in the table there is some decorations of the sea life. So if you want to have the coastal home design, you can also use the decorations that show the sea life.

coastal home design in a bedroom

The second one is coastal home design in a bedroom. The color is still the same which is blue. But here there is some stuff that uses the pure blue color. The wall design is pure in white with the brown vertical. In the wall there is a wall decoration which is the sea life in the frame. That decoration emphasizes the coastal home design. There is also the coral spread out in the room to decorate. Some ornaments also have the shape and color that shows how the sea life.

coastal home design

In the last example, the coastal home design just shows in the shelf. It is use the blue color as usual and the brown like as the sand. Nothing to specificthat represents the coastal home design. But there is a ship and some corals in the rack. Maybe that is why overall still giving the coastal looks.